Learning how to get an orgasm for women is like learning other things, it also takes practice. At first, you will feel a little awkward and it will take you some time to get the hang of it. According to a study about guidelines for healthy masturbation [1], it is better to practice masturbating 20-30 minutes for twice a week. It is normal to have some resistance and then you may need to remind yourself the reason why you have to do it; for example, I practice it as I want to learn about my body. Make it become a priority and do not force yourself to practice it when you do not like it.

In order to make masturbating easier, you should set the practice up to become as enjoyable as you can. Simply, take a bubble bath, turn on some favorite music and wear a sexy slip. Then, spend your time touching all of your body parts and trying to make yourself sexy and relaxed.

Do Not Put Pressure On Yourself

Another tip on how to get an orgasm for women that you should remember is that you do not put pressure on yourself, especially when it is your first time. According to a study about masturbation for women [2], the first time when you experiment with masturbation, you do not put any pressure to get orgasm. Trying to think of what you are doing is a way to learn about your body and what kind of stimulation you feel good rather than trying to find the quickest way to get an orgasm.

Spend several weeks exploring many different techniques. Whenever you practice, try 2-4 strokes and then compare them with each other. Also, try different levels of pressure and different speeds to find the techniques that bring you the most pleasure.

Intercept Your Man’s Drive To The Finish Line

When it comes to the best tips on how to get an orgasm for men, you should know and then try to follow this tip for good. Keep in mind that the longer the foreplay is, the more powerful the orgasm you and your partner have. However, at the same time, we will have the powerful drive to come. The tip for you is to aid your man to set aside the evolutionary imperative. As a result, sex can last long enough for a climax to build. The woman-on-top position may be useful as it can help your main restrain his desire to start thrusting.

 Find His G-Spot

Other tips on how to get an orgasm for men must include finding his G-spot. Men have a G-spot- the prostate and you can stimulate it by putting pressure to the perineum. Another special spot of your man is the sensitive area between his butt and balls. According to a research about master orgasm & increase sperm volume [3], you just need to apply pressure to the perineum in order to heighten the male orgasm. No matter the sexual position, take care to see the ways your man reacts to see whether that pressure is proper.


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