9. Why Sex Is Good – Relieves Stress

Stress may cause a lot of kinds of health diseases, such as headaches, muscle tension, upset stomach, problems sleeping, chronic depression, and a weakened immune system.

A study published in the Psychosomatic Medicine found that emotional or physical intimacy in couples helps to reduce stress levels [17].

According to another study in the Biological Psychology, people who had penetrative sex had lower blood pressure related to stress when public speaking than those who had non-coital sex or had masturbated. Participants in this study who abstained from having sex experienced the highest levels of blood pressure triggered by stress

10. Why Sex Is Good – Increases Lifespan

The last advantage in the list of health benefits of sex for men & women is to increase lifespan. The research published in The British Medical Journal concluded that having sexual activity had a protective impact on the health of a man [19].

The researchers followed the mortality of nearly 1,000 men aged from 45 to 59 years for 10 years. They concluded that men who had orgasms frequently had the 50 percent lower risk of death than men who didn’t ejaculate regularly.

Another study also concluded with the same results. According to a 25-year review in The Gerontologist, in men, frequent sexual intercourse is a notable predictor of longevity, while in women; people who had sexual activity frequently live longer

Above are some of the surprising health advantages of sex for men & women. Sex may be an exciting and pleasurable activity; however, remember that having safe sex may reduce the risk of developing STDs and help to avoid unplanned pregnancies


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