3. Why Sex Is Good – Reduce Pain

Often, a headache can be used as a common reason to avoid having sex. However, before you take the painkillers, neurologists have stated that sexual activity may help to reduce head pain caused due to a cluster headache or a migraine in some people.

In Germany, the University of Munster conducted another study published in the Cephalalgia and found that 60 percent of people with a migraine reported an improvement in reducing pain after having sex, while 37 percent of patients with a cluster headache showed an improvement [6].

The researchers at the University of Munster explain that sex triggers the release of endorphins that is the great mechanism behind relieving pain. Endorphins are the natural painkillers of the body and are released via the central nervous system. This can reduce or remove pain linked to a headache.

4. Why Sex Is Good – Boost Brain Power

According to a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, frequent sex can improve memory for women [7].

The researchers say that sex can improve memory for people by stimulating the formation of new neurons present in the hippocampus. This is the area of the brain which is associated with learning and memory.

According to another study published in the Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, thinking about love & sex offers different effects on the brains [8].

Thinking about love helps to activate global processing & long-term perspective, which will not only promote creative thinking but also interfere with analytical thinking. On the other hand, thinking about sex aids in triggering local processing & short-term perspective, which will promote analytical thinking and interfere with creativity.


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