Common Sex Problems – Vaginismus

Another one of the common sex problems that you should know must be vaginismus. Some women have some difficulties with penetrative sex and they may never have been being penetrated. Smear tests and use of tampon may have been very difficult to do. Other women may have penetrative sex and use tampons, but they find difficult to penetrate after an event like a traumatic delivery. And this condition can be very distressing for both you and your partner.

Erectile Difficulties

This condition means that men find difficult to obtain and maintain an erection, which makes penetration impossible or difficult. Sometimes, an erection is never achieved and this can be extremely distressing for the sufferer as well as their partners.

If there is no reason for your erectile difficulties, then a cognitive behavioral approach combined with a sex therapy can be effective in offering faster improvement. If there are reasons for you to have erectile difficulties, sex therapy can be effective in managing the difficulties.

According to a study [4], people who experience a prolonged erection should seek help from medical help. A cause of prolonged erection is medications that are used to deal with erectile dysfunction. Besides, this condition can also occur due to certain psychiatric medications, sickle cell disease or cocaine use. Some treatment options are medication to limit blood stream into the penis, draining excess blood from the penis using a needle or surgery.

Actually, this is actually one of the most common sex problems that you should not look down, but try to find solutions to deal with these erectile difficulties as soon as possible.


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