Orgasmic Difficulties

Many people, both men, and women, experience difficulties in getting an orgasm and in some cases, some individuals rarely or never have an orgasm. Although not all individuals want to get an orgasm in order to enjoy their sexual lives, you may have time when you want to get orgasm yourself or with your partner.

There are some other common sex problems in this article. So, you should continue reading this entire article to discover all of these sex problems and then deal with them for good.

Pain On Intercourse

Another one of the common sex problems that both women and men can experience is a pain on intercourse. According to a study about reasons for having painful sex [3], women can feel a painful when they are not aroused well and then penetration takes place. Addition to this, some sexual positions can cause deeper penetration and this may make you painful. Plus, medical conditions, including surgery, pelvic infections, and childbirth injuries can also lead to pain. On the other hand, men can experience pain through intercourse in case their foreskin is tight. This condition occurs in uncircumcised men and it can result in infections.


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