Common Sex Problems – Lack Of Sexual Desire

This is the first one of the common sex problems that I want to mention in this entire article and then want all of my readers to deal with for a better sexual life.

Concerns around sexual desire levels are so common and they may be too little, too much or none at all. Keep in mind that all of us are different and we should honor and accept these differences. According to a study [1], lack of sexual desire can either be total or partial. Partial loss of sexual desire means that whilst you may have stopped initiating sexual activity with your partner, you may respond to the approaches. You may lose sexual desire for one partner, yet have sexual desire for another. On the other hand, total loss of sexual desire means that you have no sexual desire at all.

There are many reasons why you have a lack of sexual desire. Some life events such as pressure at work, bereavement, and daily stresses may make sex become secondary importance. Besides, a childbirth may also lead to loss of sexual desire for a while. Addition to this, loss of sexual desire is also a side effect of some certain medications, including anti-depressants and depressive diseases. In some cases, loss of sexual desire can be a response to disappointment, dissatisfaction, anger or happiness in the relationship with your partner.


When it comes to common sex problems in men, you should not look down asexuality, yet try to deal with it for good. According to a research about asexuality [2], people with asexuality experience little or none sexual attraction to other people and this is known as a sexual orientation. Still, they form emotional attachments and may be sexual at times. However, these attachments will not be centered on sexual attraction and arousal. So, when you are concerning about men’s health and sex problems that men may experience, you should not look down asexuality.


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