Be More Than Just A Friend:

Another tip for you on how to seduce a teenage girl is to be more than just a friend. Do not express yourself like a friend of her, rather make her your target. You cannot blame her if she considers you as just a friend since you behave like many other friends around her. You always stick with her all the time and share all the little thing in your life is very normal. However, the reality is that you have to make yourself a little “special” if you want her to have feelings with you.

Make Your First Move:

When you make your move, remember to treat your teen like an adult. If your target seems to be fond of abundant physicality, then your move should focus on the physical aspects like changing your hair’s style or going into the gym.

Girls like it when boys come up to them and ask for their phone number. A teenage girl prefers to be chased than chasing other boys. She would feel flattered if you approach her first. Try to figure out the common and the same interests so that two of you can do something and have fun together.

You are holding the opportunity to help them gain more knowledge, expand their horizons and share with them the experiences in life that no one else can do. It is useless to force them to do anything they do not care or have no interest.


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