Bihar man sells wife to p0rn filmmaker over non payment of dowry


Less than a month-and-a-half after her wedding, a village woman from Bihar escaped from her in-laws’ place in Haryana after coming to know that she had been sold off by them to porn filmmakers. Rita Devi (named changed) landed up at her parents’ house under Taraiya police station in Saran district in a distraught condition, much to the shock of her father who had got her married to a man from Haryana and sent her off to her in-laws’ place only last month. Hoping that Rita would be happy after her marriage in a distant place, he had arranged her wedding to a youngster named Tiku Patikar with the help of one of his acquaintances from Haryana.

According to a complaint filed by her family with Taraiya police station on Monday, Rita’s marriage was solemnised at a temple with Tiku Patikar from Patikara village in Haryana on January 8 this year. She subsequently went to live with her husband. Things, however, started turning worse only a few days after her wedding. Rita alleged that her husband and other members of her in-laws’ family started torturing her for her father’s inability to give them dowry. According to her, her in-laws wanted her father to give away Rs 2 lakh in cash along with a Royal Enfield motorcycle for the marriage but he was unable to meet their demands because of his financial condition. This soured the relations between the two families. She said that her in-laws not only taunted her for his father’s inability to give dowry but also started treating her roughly. “They even made me work as a labourer in the fields,” she said in her complaint. Rita alleged that she recently came to know that her husband, with some help from his sisterin-law, had sold her off to porn film-makers for Rs7 lakh. One night, she also came to know that she would be handed over to them the next morning. This made her panicky but she somehow managed to escape from the house. After having left her house, she subsequently travelled all the way to her village in distant Bihar to inform her parents about her ordeal. The police are investigating the case. A large number of girls from poor families in Bihar are married to youths from Haryana and other places. The police suspect that many of them fall prey to the racket involved in human trafficking across the country.



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